The Wonder of Acne Laser Therapy

Published: 08th March 2011
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Adolescents with severe acne problems are always been under the impression that having pimples are normal in their age because of their hormones. However, it is a wrong notion. There are people who still get acne even when they get old. Scars are also an issue for adults who had previous acne problems when they were teens. Numerous products such as creams and solutions have been introduced in the market to fight face acne; however, the most promising of them all who showed good result is acne laser therapy.

During the early trials of acne therapy by dermatologist, the result was disappointing. However, the advancement of modern technology has significantly improved the laser; it enables to cure acne effectively and remove scars. It is observed that this technology is more effective when pimples are fresh, so the earlier the treatment the better the expected result will be. The recommended session for acne laser therapy is usually three, but there were cases that it took only one session to treat patients. Removing wrinkles and other skin imperfections can also be treated using laser acne therapy. While favorable results are coming in, the use of laser and light in treating acne is still investigational and must not be the first option in treating acne. To date, it is evidently proven that laser and lights are more effective in adults whose acne has not responded to traditional methods. In addition to that, insurance does not cover this treatment so monetary awareness must be considered.

A number of acne laser therapy types are now out in the market; always consult a dermatologist which one will work for you before trying any other treatment. However, there have been patients who were treated successfully with more than one type of therapy, so try to consider using other type if one type is not successful. Acne is a common problem nowadays it affects not only the young but also the old. The good thing is acne laser therapy is now here to get the skin we always dream of.

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